About Funklbaldy Radio

I, Roy G. (aka Butch) Turner, began webcasting in late 2004.   I played mostly music and found that there was not a great deal of interest in my particular preferences and seldom had more than a few listeners.   At that time I discovered Coast to Coast AM.   Working the night shift, I listened most nights and eventually subscribed to the C2C AM Streamlink.    Once I had acquired a substantial library of C2C AM files, I decided to queue them up on my webcast.  Almost immediately, patronage increased and average listener time balooned from a few minutes to a few hours.  For nearly a year, I played C2C files 24/7 but eventually opted to give 'station breaks' by playing music files between the hourly segments.  I utilized this format until I received a cease and desist order from Clear Channel Communications, the owner of the Coast to Coast AM broadcast, on August 20, 2013.  I have since ceased replaying C2C AM  shows and deleted the blog pages that referenced the shows and all the C2C archives... Nowadays I'm rebroadcasting Ground Zero w/ Clyde Lewis and another very well known late night talk show host's new show.  I'm no longer listed on the Shoutcast Directory YP (for reasons I have never learned)...The source may be different but the songs remains the same. (Jazz, Old School R&B, Soul, Classic Rock, Et al)...    I can be found at:  (http://funklbaldy651.dyndns-ip.com:25000/listen.pls) - (http://funklbaldy651.dyndns-ip.com:18000/listen.pls) - (http://willstare.com:8100/listen.pls) - (http://willstare.com:8200/listen.pls).